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Routes around Belarus

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Best tours of Belarus

Best tours of Belarus
Monuments of Mir and Niasviž
Minsk - Mir - Niasviž
Minsk - Museum of Material Culture "Dudutki"
Serious excursion with no serious adventures
Sula History Park
Minsk - Sula - Rubiaževičy
Along the castle road
Minsk - Navahrudak - Lida

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Best photos in the week Lake Freak. Lepel district Сергей Плыткевич
Today’s best pictures A deer calls Сергей Плыткевич
Today’s best pictures Oginsky canal. The fog... Сергей Плыткевич


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A model winter
On the eve of the New Year, all people dream of a real holiday. Everyone hopes that the coming year will be better than the previous one.
About “photo models”, “tamed” animals, and unexpected encounters in the forest
Natalia Lakotko, an employee of the "Krasny Bor" forestry, has recently joined the community of Belorussian wildlife photographers.
I’ve met the winter “as usually”
December 1, 2020. According to the forecasts, it should be shiny in the Lepel and Ushachsky areas. Snow has already covered the ground and trees, but ice is not frozen on the lakes.
Vileyskoe in November
If you've been thinking about walking along the banks of the Vileysky reservoir, you can't find a better month than November.

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