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“Moose therapy” against the autumn melancholy
There are places in Belarus where you can escape into the wildlife and at least for a while forget about problems of any kinds.
Rare birds of September 2021
The past month will surely become a part of the history of Belarusian ornithology due to the fact that this month two species of birds joined our fauna at once.
Red Deer (Cervus elaphus) in Nalibokskaya Pushcha
It was creepy to see this hill of muscles approaching me in a cheerful fighting mood.
Rare birds of August 2021
After some lull, which falls every year in the middle of summer, in August the autumn migration noticeably revived.

Date in history

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12 May. Romantic in painting, Valenty Vankovich
On this day in 1800, Valenty Vankovich, a future artist, a bright representative of romanticism, was born.
The 1 of May. Kommunarka
The official birthday of the Moscow confectionery factory "Kommunarka" is May 1, 1931.
March 15th. Day of the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus adopted in 1994
Draft Constitutions for public comment were published in 1991, 1992 and 1993.
March 12, 1613. Zhirovichi became a shtetl
It was on this day in 1613 that the king of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Zhigimont III Vasa assigned the status of a town to this settlement.

Best tours of Belarus

Best tours of Belarus
"To the Castle of Black Panna."
Minsk - Dudy - Ivje - Lipnyshki - Subotniki - Zhemyslavl - Trokeli - Geranens
Monuments of Mir and Niasviž
Minsk - Mir - Niasviž
Minsk - Museum of Material Culture "Dudutki"
Serious excursion with no serious adventures
Along the castle road
Minsk - Navahrudak - Lida

Best photos in the past week

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Best photos in the week Mill. Belarusian State Museum of Folk Architecture and Life Сергей Плыткевич
Today’s best pictures Lake Ostrovitoe Сергей Плыткевич
Today’s best pictures Borisoglebskaya (Kolozhskaya) church. Grodno. dawn Сергей Плыткевич

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