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Routes around Belarus

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Best tours of Belarus

Best tours of Belarus
"In the expanses of the district of Leeds."
Minsk - Lida - Žyrmuny - Baĺcieniki - Bieniakoni - Hajciuniški - Kanvieliški
Monuments of Mir and Niasviž
Minsk - Mir - Niasviž
Minsk - Museum of Material Culture "Dudutki"
Serious excursion with no serious adventures
Along the castle road
Minsk - Navahrudak - Lida

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Best photos in the week Winter. Lake Cherstvyatskoe Сергей Плыткевич
Today’s best pictures Grodno. Old Castle Сергей Плыткевич
Today’s best pictures Lyubcha. Castle. January Сергей Плыткевич


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Photo hunting for eagles in Belarus
We are starting a new category on the portal Its essence is a professional look at tourist routes and initiatives.
How the Pripyat River floods
There are fabulous territories in Belarus that are most advantageous at certain times of the year.
Observations at the bird’s feeder: hawks
Eurasian sparrowhawks (Accipiter nisus) continue to visit the bird’s feeder.

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