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The 1 of May. Kommunarka

Author: N. Suslova
Photo: from public sources


The official birthday of the Moscow confectionery factory "Kommunarka" is May 1, 1931. It was on this day that the enterprise opened in the place where we see it now, and two days later it released its first products.


But the history of the Kommunarka factory began on February 15, 1905, when the Minsk Treasury for the first time received the trade certificate “Coffee shop with confectionery products, bakery of confectionery products of Georgy Vikentievich Rachkovsky”. By 1926 it was already the Georges Confectionery Factory by Georgy Vikentievich Rachkovsky. Then the “First Belarusian Confectionery Factory” appeared, renamed into the Minsk Confectionery Factory “Progress”. And in 1929, in honor of the 12th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution, the factory was renamed into the Minsk confectionery factory "Kommunarka".


Today it is a powerful enterprise producing more than 300 items of a wide variety of products. In three workshops of the factory there are about 1,500 employees. The assortment is constantly replenished and expanded, designers are working on modern design, keeping up with the times.

Production volumes are increasing. For example, if in 2015 4 thousand tons of chocolate were produced, then this year 13 thousand tons will be produced. Products are supplied both to the domestic market and to 24 foreign countries: China, Japan, USA, etc.

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