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A model winter

Author: S. Plytkevich
Photo: author


On the eve of the New Year, all people dream of a real holiday. Everyone hopes that the coming year will be better than the previous one.

In our latitudes, the symbol of the holiday is the New Year's frost and snow-covered forest. Unfortunately, we haven't been too pampered by nature lately, so thinking about a perfect, “model”  winter, we picked up pictures taken over the past five years. All of them were from Krasny Bor forestry (Krasnoborskaya Pushcha).

The roads through Krasnoborskaya Pushcha were fabulous on January 7, 2017.

A year earlier, on Orthodox Christmas (January 7), Krasnoborskaya Pushcha looked even more impressive. The birches at the edges of the forest were covered in frost.


From above, the picture was even more fantastic.

Krasnoborskaya Pushcha has a very unusual terrain for Belarus. There are many high hills covered by forest that alternate with swamps and intersect with winding rivers.


The bank of the Svolna River.

This river freezes only in severe frosts. When it happens, such cool patterns appear on the ice…

But even at very low temperatures non-freezing areas remain on the Svolna River. Due to the cold steam rising from water, they also look very colorful.


Even the alder forest on the river bank looks photogenic on those days.


But the most spectacular shots of Svolna can be made from a height when the river is not frozen yet, but the trees are already covered with frost.

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A small hut on the peninsula is free for tourist, it’s called “Burlyovo-2”. On the banks of rivers and lakes of Krasnoborskaya Pushcha there are more than thirty of such recreational cabins, which can be also used in winter, by the way. A couple of years ago, several companies even celebrated the New Year on the bank of Svolna…


The cabin on the shore of Bredno Lake.


The Serebryanka spring is a gem of Krasnoborsky forest. At the Epiphany holiday (and not only!) there are queues of people who want to take a dip in the bath.


The snow-covered forest and the chapel with the bath look very unusual from the height…

Another feature of Krasnoborskaya Pushcha is a lot of monuments on the site of burned villages (destroyed by Nazi during the WW II). Here during the Great Patriotic War (1941-1944) the Nazi invaders carried out a punitive operation with the cynical name "Winter Magic". It caused many villages to disappear forever. 


This monument and the chapel established in the "Krasny Bor" forestry in the Artovskie tract.

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Animals in Krasnoborsky forest make a separate issue for the material. Here you can see dozens of deer, meet bison, elk, fallow deer, roe deer during only one photo safari.

25 a65fb48e0aaac416dd25c62239985987.jpg

January  7, 2017 was very cold, in the morning the temperature dropped down to minus 27.


My camera did not survive such tough tests, so only a few shots of a bison and a male doe turned out to be of high quality.


A day earlier, however, I could have easily taken pictures of bison.


This herd came to our car by itself.


Interesting kids, aren't they?


A flock of Eurasian bullfinches (Pyrrhula pyrrhula) near the Izoobritza village.


Swans on unfrozen area  of the Svolna River.


Of course, talking about Krasnoborskaya Pushcha in winter, it is impossible not to mention the tourist complex "Krasny Bor".


It is located on the shores of Beloye-Dobroplyosy Lake.

In my opinion, this is the best place in Belarus for “sophisticated” travelers. Of course, the rest here costs money…

At the moment they have consumers, and it is very good that in the context of the pandemic, when borders are closed, our citizens have the opportunity to receive decent services.


We conclude our report with shots taken in Krasnoborskaya Pushcha a week ago.


A small river with fallen trees.


And spruce, which is trying to survive in very difficult conditions.

Our living conditions have also become more complicated. But we hope for the best. And we will do everything possible to make this best come!

Translated by M. Shaturin.

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