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The Pripyat floodplain at the beginning of the fall

Author: S. Plytkevich
Photo: by author


This spring there was a big flood of the Pripyat River. I started the project "Sea of Herodotus", which, it seems to me, spurred the interest of tourists to the Belarusian Polesie (southern part of Belarus).


Unfortunately, not all the plans were realized, but the floodplain of Pripyat was still attracting me. I continue to accumulate material for the photo album; in early September, my wife Natalia and I made another trip to the Pinsky, Stolinsky and Zhitkovichi districts.

The most remarkable thing about the road to the tourist complex "Pripyat camp" is that it simply does not exist... You can only get to the hotel by boat. And accompanied by an amazing dog who loves water trips very much.


Autumn Pripyat is very different from the same river in spring. Of course, the old riverbeds remained, but the water level fell by three meters, and it became almost impossible to get into them by boat.


We couldn't even pass the mouth of the Sluch River, so we had to go back.


But every cloud has a silver lining: thanks to the low water level, beautiful sandy beaches had been formed by Pripyat.


And the soaring swan could be filmed against the background of a high bank now.


I have carefully chosen the weather to photograph the Pripyat River in the fog.


And I managed!


In the morning, I decided not to float anywhere, but first to take off the drone, and then to try with images of the nearest floodplain oak grove.


The old riverbed of the Pripyat River is two hundred meters from the tourist complex.


The bend of the river is half a kilometer downstream.


The southern coast of Pripyat, where the guests of the "Pripyat camp" were resteing all summer. Now it's empty, but this is not surprising: the season is over and the shooting time is almost 7 pm.


Ancient oaks on the bank of the Pripyat River.


A ray of sunlight breaks through the fog and still green branches.


I can hardly believe that in the spring we were passing between these oaks by boat!


In autumn, the floodplain of Pripyat is attractive in its own way; you just need to know the wildest places and have the time and opportunity to visit them.

Yevgeny Kulesh, deputy manager of the tourist complex "Pripyat camp", talks about the last season, smiling contentedly.

- Believe me, everything was fine - today is the first day when there are no tourists at the hotel. The fishermen, the travelers, and others… The most unusual guests was a group of 35 "yoga ladies"; they were enjoying their practices here, combining it with a bath, food, and boating along Pripyat.

The summer was gorgeous, the beach across from the hotel was never empty! But a very beautiful time comes now as well. A little later, in autumn, you can go out on the field and see all the grass in a spider nets, and droplets of dew onthose cobwebs like precious stones... Looks great!

Unfortunately, our time is limited at the moment. I'm recharging the batteries and planning another flight.


At the same time, I forget that my four-legged friend does not like a quadrocopter. He rushes to it and gets a propeller hitting his nose.


And I take off and get the opportunity to compare the same places in the May and in the September photos.

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At the top of the frame is the Pripyat River. Below is an old riverbed.


The angles are slightly different here, but you can still see what changes have occurred.

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We are going to the Zhitkovichi district to check the current state of the Pripyat heart.

23 ss36ug3u24bmuxaqs2ec0skplkiwbugj.jpg

This is how it looked in May.


And this is now, in September.

Not too bad either, isn’t it?

We have to be in Minsk in the evening. Therefore, I finish the report with this May sunset.

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I hope to come here again in a couple of weeks, when the oaks really turn yellow.

Translated by M. Shaturin

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