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The Lva, Goryn, and Prypyat rivers

Author: S. Plytkevich
Photo: by author


Last week, my wife Natalia and I made another trip to the Pripyat Polesie. The task was the same: photographing for the soon-to-be-published photo album about the huge floodplain of Pripyat and its tributaries and negating on cooperation with the owners of tourist infrastructure. The photo album will be titled "Sea of Herodotus": according to some studies, the great Greek historian mentioned these places in his works.

I’ll share my photo impressions with readers.


The floodplain of the Lva River near the village of Koshara.


The eco-barn "Villa of the Lion" on the river bank. The view from above gives a better idea of the sensations that tourists can experience here.


At night it was minus three degrees Celsius. The windshield wipers in my car had got frozen, I barely tore them off. And this photo was taken when the night frost was already gone. Sun, sand, beach, sun beds – everything is as it should be. However, I don't really want to sunbathe yet…


The Lva River a little downstream from the village of Koshara. There is almost no greenery yet.


The water level in the Goryn River has already dropped down. Looking for new shots, I went to a village with a very eloquent name Otverzhichi (in Russian or Belarussian it sounds like “the rejected ones”).


I had a chance to take a good panorama of the river floodplain with the town of Stolin  at the background.


Th old riverbeds of Goryn between plowed fields.

On the way to Pripyat, we took pictures of the Stolinsky district.


I can't resist a temptation of sharing a shot of one more nice village with another telling name – Rubel (can be translated as “built with an ax”).


There are some cars and bicycles around the church due to a holiday.


I take photos of the local old women coming back from mass.


And a very typical roadside cross at one of the Rubel village intersections.


In the town of Turov I shoot a panorama of the city, a settlement, and a cemetery.


I will share a photo of old trees that grow near the birds ringing station. Thanks to the many images in social networks, they become the hallmark of this place.


On the way to the tourist complex "Pripyatsky stan". It’s very romantic… and very cold.


This is what the floodplain of Pripyat looks like near the tourist complex.


A small white spot on the far loop of the river is a hotel.


The view from the other side. Isn’t this floodplain impressive?


I'm going to photograph the floodplain oak groves. Natalia refuses the trip because of the cold, the dogs are eager to get into the boat, but they are not allowed – they will interfere with work.

And the floodplain of the river is impressive, of course.


It takes your breath away when the boat floats between the oaks.


Old willows match the oaks, and I’m trying to imagine fairy-tale characters under these splendid trees.


But we see the indications of the life activity of wild inhabitants of the Pripyat floodplain. This huge oak tree was a victim of beavers.


I couldn't photograph the beaver at the scene of the crime, but I did manage to photograph the one floating away.


And these are the consequences of last year's fires. There was a terrible drought in April and May. Thus, the floodplain of Pripyat has burned out in many places. Even some ancient oaks were lost.


But we are working on the photo album "The Sea of Herodotus".


Therefore, we choose the points of shooting that can show the power of the floodplain of the Pripyat River.


It's getting late. We return to the hotel. The moon is rising in the sky. Well, isn't this an idyll? How can people be unhappy living on such a land?

In the morning, I photographed the swallows who had returned to their homeland, and the happy dog Willie taking his usual place on the bow of the boat.


Another boat is already waiting for tourists on a tiny island near the tourist complex.


And the open heart of Polessky at the end of this photo report.


The Sea of Herodotus is waiting for guests!

Translated by M. Shaturin

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