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The bus will go on an excursion from the hotel "Belarus" (Storozhevskaya St., 15). If you still have a few minutes before your departure, you can see the sights located near the hotel. For example, the Orthodox church complex, the oldest preserved shrine in which is the Church of Mary Magdalene, erected in 1847 at Storozhevskaya cemetery, known since the XVII century. Or the monument to Alexander Pushkin on the bank of Svisloch, a gift from the Moscow City Hall to Minsk residents on the occasion of the poet's 200th birthday anniversary.

You can tell a lot about Gerviats, who are famous for their neo-Gothic Holy Trinity Church (its height of 61 meters is one of the most monumental temples in Belarus!), arboretum and water mill of the XIX century. Or you can see them once with your own eyes and fall in love with this beautiful place forever.


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