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Along the castle road

11 hours
400 km

Minsk - Navahrudak - Lida

The route acquaints with monumental monuments of architecture - Grand-Ducal castles in Novogrudok and Lida, and also with other sights of these ancient cities - temples, parks, museum expositions. Many remarkable people were connected by their destiny with this Nadneman region: King Mindovg, Grand Duke Gedimin, poet Adam Mickiewicz, scientist and traveler Ignat Domeyko and others. Beautiful landscapes of the Novogrudok Upland and the Naliboki region, coloured with bizarre 'baqi Neman' patterns, are also waiting for you on this excursion.

GUARANTEED TOUR! Departures - every Thursday. The cost (adult - 85 rubles, child under 16 years - 79 rubles) includes: bus ride, sightseeing support throughout the route, visiting the House Museum of A. Mickiewicz, temples, art gallery K. Kachan, as well as a theatrical performance in Lida Castle and a special souvenir.

Place of the beginning of the excursion: 9.00, Minsk, 15 Storozhovskaya Street, hotel "Belarus".
Termination place: 15 Storozhovskaya Street, Minsk, Hotel "Belarus".
The route is provided by the company "Viapol".

Route points

The bus will go on an excursion from the hotel "Belarus" (Storozhevskaya St., 15). If you still have a few minutes before your departure, you can see the sights located near the hotel. For example, the Orthodox church complex, the oldest preserved shrine in which is the Church of Mary Magdalene, erected in 1847 at Storozhevskaya cemetery, known since the XVII century. Or the monument to Alexander Pushkin on the bank of Svisloch, a gift from the Moscow City Hall to Minsk residents on the occasion of the poet's 200th birthday anniversary.

The reflection of the former glory of Navahrudak - the first capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania - falls on the objects of this now small town. The legendary castle, picturesque landscapes and ancient cult buildings could serve as the scenery for a historical film.

During the tour you will visit the Castle Hill and see the ruins of the Novogrudok Castle - the first Grand Duke's residence in Belarus, which was built in stone and brick back in the XIII century by the Grand Duke and then King Mindovg of Lithuania. There is an incredible view of the surrounding countryside from the mountain! At its foot is the Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord, founded by the Grand Duke Vytautas in the late 14th century. Here in 1422 Vladislav Jagailo married Princess Sophia Golshanskaya, which initiated the reign of the Jagellonian dynasty. While walking along the cozy streets of ancient Novogrudok you will also see other ancient temples of the XIV-XVIII centuries, among which the most valuable is the Orthodox Church of St. Boris and Gleb (XIV century).

The rich past of Novogrudnica is brilliantly reflected in the poetry of its famous native Adam Mickiewicz - the poet's childhood and youth years passed here. A visit to the House Museum of Mickiewicz will certainly leave a strong impression thanks to the rich exposition about this poet of universal glory... The Mickiewicz is also dedicated to the Mound of Immortality at the Castle Mountain. And next to it there is a picture gallery of Konstantin Kachan, a modern Belarusian artist. Viewing the exposition, music, fragrant coffee and tea will be a successful completion of acquaintance with Novogrudok.

The city of Lida is rightly proud of the castle, one of the most monumental in Belarus, which was founded almost seven hundred years ago (1323) by Grand Duke Gedimin, whose grandson Yagaylo celebrated his marriage to Princess Sophia Golshanskaya a century later. An entertaining tour of the castle and then a theatrical miniature will allow you to plunge into the depths of the past, and medieval games (archery and catapult, sword fights with knights) will add to the spectacle of spice.

There are also cult buildings of the XVIII-XIX centuries preserved in the city: the Church of the Cross erected in the Baroque style (it stands on the site of the temple, founded back in 1387 on the donations of King Jagailo) and the Orthodox Cathedral of St. Michael (former Church of PR) - the construction of which was funded by the Russian Emperor Paul I. These and many other interesting discoveries await you during the trip "Dear Castle".


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