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"To the Castle of Black Panna."

13 hours
440 km

Minsk - Dudy - Ivje - Lipnyshki - Subotniks - Zhemyslavl - Trokeli - Hieraniony

You've probably heard more than once the romantic and dramatic love story of Barbara Radziwill and King Gigimonte August: young people, drawn by deep feelings for each other, were married in secret. For a whole year, the Polish government did not want to recognize Barbara, the Grand Duchess of Lithuania, as its queen. Eventually, the Poles gave up, Barbara Radziwill became queen, but after that she did not live long - a year later she died. There is reason to believe that she was poisoned...

The inconsolable Gigimont buried his beloved in Vilna, in the crypt of the cathedral church. Over time, it began to gossip that the shadow of Barbara appeared in the Nesvizh Castle, and this woman ghost began to be called the Black Panna of Nesvizh. But few people in their gusts of pity remember that there is not a single evidence that says that Barbara visited Nesvizh. She was the birth sister of Nicholas Radziwill Red, whose residence was in the Stock Exchanges, and at a young age lived in Vilna. But there is a castle in Belarus that Barbara really remembers when she was married to one of the richest magnates of the Grand Duchy, voivode Stanislav Gashtold. That's where we're going.

The price of the excursion (40 rubles) includes: travel by a comfortable bus and excursion on the route. Our bus leaves at 8.00; return to Minsk - approximately at 21.00.

Route points

Our bus will go on excursion from the House-Museum of the I Congress of RSDLP (Independence Ave., 31a). If before your departure (or on your return) you will have free time, you will be able to get acquainted with some sights of this area and first of all to see the wooden house itself, where in March 1898 the first congress of the Russian Social Democratic Workers' Party, which later became a Communist Party of the Soviet Union, took place. Opposite is the so-called "Oswald House", where the only suspect in the murder of U.S. President John F. Kennedy lived between 1960 and 1962. Next to it is one of the most solemn Minsk squares - Victory Square with a 38-meter obelisk in the center. And on the other side of the avenue there is a children's park named after Maxim Gorky, founded back in 1800.

The first point of our route is the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary in the village of Dudy. The wooden Baroque church has been preserved since 1772 and is a bright monument of folk architecture.

And a few kilometers from Dud is the "Belarusian Jerusalem" - the city of Ivieu. Despite the small size of the former place, first mentioned in 1444, there are Orthodox and Catholic churches, a Tatar mosque and a synagogue building. And the city is blessed by Jesus Christ, whose statue majestically rises above Ivieu.

The architecture of the local Neo-Gothic Church of St. Casimir (1910) is truly admirable. In Lipníšky you will be met by a very interesting person - Father Witold Gelvetro, who used to serve in Slonim. Those who used to visit the Slonim Porcelain Church of St. Andrew in the past will surely remember this colourful priest.

One of the names of this village is Old Geraniums. Here you will see another Neo-Gothic church - the church of St. Vladislav (1904-1907). A visit to the crypt-tomb of the Umyastovski family, the founders of this shrine, will also be an obligatory part of the program.

By the way, Subotniki is the birthplace of the famous historian and politician Zenon Pozniak.

But the real trace on the ground was left by the Umiałystowski family in Zhemyslavl, where they left a magnificent palace from the mid-19th century, a copy of the royal residence in Lazienki in Warsaw. Later, Vladislav Umyastovski gave this manor to the scientific base of the University of Wilno. Later on, a sanatorium, a club, the board of the kolkhoz were placed here one by one, and for the last 10 years the building was empty and was put up for auction many times. And till now the fate of the palace remains unclear...

Through Lipniski we return to the highway R135 and drive to Trokeli - the place where the Sanctuary of the Mother of God is located. And although the 200-year-old church does not make much impression, in the church there is a miracle-working icon of the Mother of God of Trokeli, to which thousands of pilgrims flock every summer.

Finally, Hieraniony, where the legendary Barbara Radziwill lived from 1537 to 1542 by marrying Stanislav Gashtold, the governor of Novogrudok. Some time after his death, the young widow had a new affair with Queen Gigimont August. And though only ruins have survived from the old castle of Gashtold, the castle church of St. Nicholas surely still remembers the oath of allegiance of the dignitary spouses.


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