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Minsk - Museum of Material Culture "Dudutki"

6 hours
55 km

Minsk - "Dudutki"

You will have a wonderful trip - a serious excursion with a minor adventure - to one of the most visited museums of Belarus, the museum-scansen "Dudutki".

Excursion-animation will allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of culture and life of the Belarusian nobleman's manor with traditional crafts and entertainment. Its price (65 rubles) includes: travel by a comfortable bus, tour of the Museum of Material Culture "Dudutki" with entrance tickets, three tastings (at the moonshine machine, in the bakery and in the mill), riding on the flights, lunch in the national style and a special souvenir.

GUARANTEED TOUR! Departures - every Sunday. Departure of the bus - at 9.00, return to Minsk - approximately at 15.30.

The route is provided by the company "Viapol".

Route points

The bus will go on an excursion from the hotel "Belarus" (Storozhevskaya St., 15). If you still have a few minutes before your departure, you can see the sights located near the hotel. For example, the Orthodox church complex, the oldest preserved shrine in which is the Church of Mary Magdalene, erected in 1847 at Storozhevskaya cemetery, known since the XVII century. Or the monument to Alexander Pushkin on the bank of Svisloch, a gift from the Moscow City Hall to Minsk residents on the occasion of the poet's 200th birthday anniversary.

Established in 1995 by the efforts of enthusiasts led by writer Eugene Budinas, the ethnographic museum "Dudutki" is now one of the most visited in Belarus. Monuments of folk life, working workshops of the manor of the XIX century are waiting for you during this trip. You will see the only windmill in Belarus in working condition; in the pottery workshop you will be able to demonstrate your art; in the ancient forge of the XIX century you will be able to forge a horseshoe for your happiness. You will also find a traditional carpentry workshop with amazing tools of old masters, a picturesque bakery with a history of baking, an exhibition of old cars ... And everywhere - ethnographic surroundings and interactive action. In addition, there is a stables with Orlov trotters, ostriches, wild boars and other animals. You will be ridden in ancient carriages and flights, also you will visit a picturesque picnic glade.

During the tour you will have three tastings:

    - at the moonshine machine (moonshine, bread, pickled cucumber, honey).
    - at the bakery (freshly baked bread, three kinds of cheese, butter, tea)
    - in a mill (peasant bread and lard)

Here you can buy good souvenirs and take beautiful pictures.


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