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"In the expanses of the district of Leeds."

13 hours
230 km

Minsk - Lida - Žyrmuny - Baĺcieniki - Bieniakoni - Hajciuniški - Kanvieliški

We invite you to a tour of the outskirts of Lida and Voronovo. The objects, which will meet on our way, are unique monuments of history. In Lida is the castle of Prince Gedimin, in Žirmuny - the ruins of the Radziwill Palace; Boltenica and Benjakoni are directly connected to the romantic love of Adam Mickiewicz. It will also be interesting to see the house-fortress of the XVII century in Gaitunishki and the ancient town of Konvelishki, which is on the Belarusian-Lithuanian border.

The cost of the excursion (35 rubles) includes: travel by a comfortable bus and sightseeing accompaniment along the route. Entrance tickets to Lida Castle and Bolteniki estate are additionally paid (approximately 5 rubles).

Our bus leaves at 8.00; return to Minsk - approximately at 21.00.

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Route points

Our bus will go on excursion from the House-Museum of the I Congress of RSDLP (Independence Ave., 31a). If before your departure (or on your return) you will have free time, you will be able to get acquainted with some sights of this area and first of all to see the wooden house itself, where in March 1898 the first congress of the Russian Social Democratic Workers' Party, which later became a Communist Party of the Soviet Union, took place. Opposite is the so-called "Oswald House", where the only suspect in the murder of U.S. President John F. Kennedy lived between 1960 and 1962. Next to it is one of the most solemn Minsk squares - Victory Square with a 38-meter obelisk in the center. And on the other side of the avenue there is a children's park named after Maxim Gorky, founded back in 1800.

The city of Lida is rightly proud of the castle, one of the most monumental in Belarus, which was founded almost seven hundred years ago (1323) by Grand Duke Gedimin, whose grandson Yagaylo celebrated his marriage to Princess Sophia Golshanskaya a century later. An entertaining tour of the castle and then a theatrical miniature will allow you to plunge into the depths of the past, and medieval games (archery and catapult, sword fights with knights) will add to the spectacle of spice.

There are also cult buildings of the XVIII-XIX centuries preserved in the city: the Church of the Cross erected in the Baroque style (it stands on the site of the temple, founded back in 1387 on the donations of King Jagailo) and the Orthodox Cathedral of St. Michael (former Church of PR) - the construction of which was funded by the Russian Emperor Paul I. These and many other interesting discoveries await you during the trip "Dear Castle".

Behind Lida, in Žyrmuny, before Soviet times stood the palace of Radziwill Princes. And today, its ruins are traces of former glory. A few kilometers from the palace there is a very interesting monument of classicism - the church built in 1789.

The Baĺcieniki Manor and the Benjakoni Temple are linked to the life of Marila Vereschaki, whose love inspired Adam Mickiewicz to write brilliant works. Mickiewicz visited Maryla in Baĺcieniki when she was already Countess Puttkammer. Not far from the manor house there is a nut in Maryli, where the emotionally exhausted Adam met with his unhappy love for the last time.

The grave of Maryli Vereschaki, who died in 1863, has been preserved to this day by the walls of the neo-baroque church of Jan the Baptist (1900-1902) in Bieniakoni. You and I will visit it.

The house-fortress in Hajciuniški, the only one of its kind in Belarus, was built in the early 17th century by the architect of the Vilna royal buildings Peter Nonhart. To this day, the towers with loopholes and thick walls of this small castle, the facade of which is decorated with the coat of arms of the Nonhart family from Holland, are still impressive.

And our excursion will be completed by a visit to the village of Kanvieliški with its cute little town building and the church of Jesus' Heart - a monument of wooden architecture of the early twentieth century.


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