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Monuments of Mir and Niasviž

11 hours
260 km

Minsk - Mir - Niasviž

This route will acquaint you with one of the most valuable monuments of Belarus - the castle in Mira (XVI century) and the palace and park complex in Nesvizh (XVI-XVIII centuries). Both of these sites are included by UNESCO into the World Cultural Heritage List and will not leave indifferent lovers of history, architecture, mysticism and simply lovers of beauty! 

The price (80 rubles) includes: bus ride, excursion along the route, entrance tickets to the museums of Mirsky and Nesvizh castles, tour of the Pharnaya church in Nesvizh, lunch at a restaurant Mirsky castle and a special souvenir.

GUARANTEED TOUR! Departures - every Thursday and every Saturday. Departure of the bus - at 9.00, return to Minsk - approximately at 20.00.

The route is provided by "Viapol" company.

Route points

The bus will go on an excursion from the hotel "Belarus" (Storozhevskaya St., 15). If you still have a few minutes before your departure, you can see the sights located near the hotel. For example, the Orthodox church complex, the oldest preserved shrine in which is the Church of Mary Magdalene, erected in 1847 at Storozhevskaya cemetery, known since the XVII century. Or the monument to Alexander Pushkin on the bank of Svisloch, a gift from the Moscow City Hall to Minsk residents on the occasion of the poet's 200th birthday anniversary.

Further on a route - half-hour moving to Nesvizh, the former capital of ordination of Princes Radziwill. On the Market Square of this picturesque town the town hall, ancient trading rows, houses of craftsmen have been preserved; next to it - Slutskaya Brama (city gate of XVII century). The highlight of the route is a tour of the palace and park complex of XVI-XVIII centuries, built by Nicholas Radziwill "Orphan", surrounded by high earth ramparts and extensive ponds. Its architecture interweaves elements of Renaissance, Baroque and Classicism. The majestic Castle Palace is a system of buildings connected into an integral ensemble, forming an elegant front courtyard. You will see impressive expositions in the palace complex - the palace's front halls (Hunting, Ball, Portrait, Golden, etc.), residential and household premises, as well as a walk in the picturesque parks adjacent to the castle.

Besides, in Nesvizh you'll get acquainted with the Farnaya church (1593): magnificent frescoes of the church, located in the crypt dungeon - the family burial vault of Radziwill - put this shrine among the most valuable in Belarus. The excursion tells the history of the legendary dynasty - one of the most influential clans of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, which left a deep trace in the cultural heritage of not only the Belarusian people, but also the entire European civilization.

The majestic Mir Castle of the Middle Ages, built in the first quarter of the 16th century, its bright and memorable architectural appearance, powerful walls and towers, stone-cobblestone inner courtyard leave an unforgettable impression, complemented by a tour of the museum exposition. Immersion into the atmosphere of life of its owners begins with the cellars, where the food and wine cellars were stored, and ends with the Ballroom, buried in the luxury of Rococo ...

Next to the castle - an Art Nouveau style church - the burial vault of the last titled owners of the castle, Princes Svyatopolk-Mirsky. The historical part of Mir village miraculously preserved the colour of the former cozy place where for centuries Belarusians, Poles, Jews, Gypsies and Tatars lived together - all over the world. The Orthodox Church, the Catholic Church, synagogues, yeshiva, houses of artisans and merchants form the ensemble of its Market Square.

In the Mir Castle you will also find a delicious ride.


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