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Sula History Park

8 hours
70 km

Minsk - Sula - Rubiaževičy

The tastefully renovated Lenski estate in Sula is a magnificent example of noblemen's culture of the XVIII-XIX centuries. Surrounded by a park, it is filled with both the romanticism of the past and the rhythms of the present. And the former place of Rubezhevichi, where you will also visit, retains its unique flavor of trade and craft settlement with its indispensable attributes: Market square, church, ancient buildings...

The price (70 rubles) includes: passage by a comfortable bus, sightseeing accompaniment on the route, animation program in Sula manor, organ concert in Rubezhevichy church, delicious lunch and a special souvenir.

GUARANTEED TOUR! Departures - every Friday. Departure of the bus - at 10.00, return to Minsk - approximately at 18.00.

The route is provided by the company "Viapol".

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Route points

The bus will go on an excursion from the hotel "Belarus" (Storozhevskaya St., 15). If you still have a few minutes before your departure, you can see the sights located near the hotel. For example, the Orthodox church complex, the oldest preserved shrine in which is the Church of Mary Magdalene, erected in 1847 at Storozhevskaya cemetery, known since the XVII century. Or the monument to Alexander Pushkin on the bank of Svisloch, a gift from the Moscow City Hall to Minsk residents on the occasion of the poet's 200th birthday anniversary.

The manor-park complex "Park of the History of Sula", created on the site of the manor of the noble family of Lena, conquers with the colors of nature and ancient buildings, although it received a modern purpose after the restoration, but retained the charm of the former architectural forms. 

Not quite ordinary format of the tour will allow you to turn from a passive listener into an active participant. At the entrance to the estate with music meets horse escort riders in historical costumes. Immersion into the medieval history of Belarus, when it was called the country of castles, takes place during an interactive participation in the construction of the castle. Then you will visit an arms workshop, forging of cold weapons and demonstration of saber combat. Then you will see the majestic building of the "Royal Assembly" where you will visit the hall of knightly glory with a collection of tapestries and paintings and a truly royal-sized fireplace. Performing music on a bagpipe-doodle and a harmonium of the XVIII century, learning to dance will add color to the excursion.

While visiting the browarny and tasting strong drinks we will talk about the traditions of food and drink, which have been polished in Belarusian manors for centuries. And you can learn about the rich history of Lenskiye in the museum dedicated to this genus during the tour of the manor house and chapel in the form of an ancient temple-rotunda. A trip to this manor will be an immersion into the enchanting world, where the boundaries between the material and spiritual are blurred, the lost connection with the past is restored. Slowly running through the park of the river Sula, which flows into a deep and clean lake, a lot of colorful buildings on the vast territory will allow you to take beautiful pictures, and at the end of the trip you will have dinner in a picturesque restaurant.

Then we will go with you to the former place Rubezhevichi, known since the XIII century. The name Rubezhevichi comes from the word "border" - this place has repeatedly appeared at the junction of the territories of one state or another. In the Middle Ages, the eastern border of Lithuania passed here, and until 1939 the border between Poland and the Soviet Union.

In Rubezhevichi there is an old herbal pharmacy called the Belarusian phytotherapeutic mecca. An ancient Jewish cemetery, restored by the whole world - with the participation of students from the USA - has been preserved here. A small organ concert awaits you within the walls of the two-tower church of St. Joseph, built of shrouded cubes of limestone and proudly erected on the hill, which will complete your trip to the past.


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