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"The Pearl of Polesie"

15 часов
310 км

Minsk - Lahišyn - Pinsk

We invite you to visit one of the most interesting Belarusian regions - Central Polesie, and more specifically, its pearl and capital - the ancient Pinsk. In the cut of the guide's narrative you will see monuments of history and architecture, and the ride will end with a boat ride on the Pina River.

The cost of the excursion (45 rubles) includes: travel by a comfortable bus and excursion on the route.

Our bus leaves at 7.30; return to Minsk - approximately at 22.30.

The route is provided by the company "Viapol".

Route points

Our bus will go on excursion from the House-Museum of the I Congress of RSDLP (Independence Ave., 31a). If before your departure (or on your return) you will have free time, you will be able to get acquainted with some sights of this area and first of all to see the wooden house itself, where in March 1898 the first congress of the Russian Social Democratic Workers' Party, which later became a Communist Party of the Soviet Union, took place. Opposite is the so-called "Oswald House", where the only suspect in the murder of U.S. President John F. Kennedy lived between 1960 and 1962. Next to it is one of the most solemn Minsk squares - Victory Square with a 38-meter obelisk in the center. And on the other side of the avenue there is a children's park named after Maxim Gorky, founded back in 1800.

On the outskirts of Pinsk we are passing through a place called Lahišyn in Polesie. Since ancient times this village has been famous for its miracle-working image - the icon of Mother of God Logishinskaya. The incredible story of the struggle for the icon in the last 200 years, told "in the scenery" of the beautiful surrounding landscapes, is able to arouse genuine interest among guests.

And here before us is Pinsk - "crown" of Polesie. Over 920 years of dynamic history the city has experienced both periods of incredible rise and dramatic moments. In the early twentieth century, on the banks of Pinsk still stood a huge church of the Jesuit order and a school-collegium, built by Radziwill. Only the collegium, which houses the Polesie Museum, has survived to this day.

However, it has its own unique charm. The atmosphere of old quarters, streets, embankment makes Pinsk a museum city and one of the most beautiful places in Belarus.

During the excursion guests will visit the complex of the Cathedral Church (one of the three Small Basilicas on the territory of Belarus), erected in the Baroque style, will see the grand Jesuit collegium, Butrimovich Palace, the Church of Charles Baromey and the Church of St. Barbara - temples and buildings 230 years old and older. Well, the visit to the ancient Pinsk will end with a boat ride on the Pina River (tickets at extra charge).


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